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 موسوعة العيون المعرفية لمخطوطات الصابئين المندائيينموسوعة العيون المعرفية كتاب الصابئة المقدس كنزا ربا للتحميلموسوعة العيون المعرفية الكتب المقدسة
Mandaean and Mandaic books:

Mandaean Mandaeism or Mandaeanism is one of a gnostic religion (Mandaic Aramaic manda means "knowledge"). In Arabic identified with Sabian religion that means baptisms. This name is also mentioned in Quran. The prophets of Mandaeans: Adam, Seth son of Adam, Enosh son of Seth, Noah, Shem or Sam son of Noah, Enoch and especially John the Baptist ( Johannes the baptist). Available historical resources in Iraq and Israel suggest that Mandaean was the oldest monotheistic religion known so far, also oldest than the Jewish. DNA researchs indicates that Mandaean is little difference between them and Assyrian. Thats mean they are one of original Mesopotamian people. They are Semites and speak a dialect of Eastern Aramaic known as Mandaic.

Here below the names of Mandaean books and sacred manuscripts :
1.Ginza Rba
2. Sidra d-Nishmatha
3. Niania
4. Qulasta
5. Drash d-Yahia
6. Asfar Malwasha
7. Diwan Trisar Alf Shuialia
8. Diwan Alma Rishaia Rba
9. Diwan Alma Rishaia Zuta
10. Diwan Haran Gawaitha
11. Diwan Masbta d-Hibil Ziwa
12. Diwan Abathur
13. Diwan Nahrawatha
14. Diwan Zahrun Raza Kasia
15. Diwan Malkutha 'Laitha
16. Diwan Trasa d-Taga d-Shushlam Rba
17. Diwan d-Qabin d-Shushlam Rba
18. Diwan Sharih d-Parwanaia
19. Diwan Sharih Trasa d-Mandi
20. Diwan Qadaha Rba
21. Diwan Damuth Kushta
22. Diwan Razy d-Bhathia
23. Diwan Niania d-Masbta
24. Diwan Sharih D- Zidqa Brikha
25. Many kinds of Masktha
26. Many kinds of Qmahas and Zraztas

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